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s u m m a

definition: a comprehensive series of works synthesizing or summarizing a particular field or subject.

SummA Architecture evolved from the adage that the whole is greater than the SUM of its parts.

We have collaborated for 15 years, constantly challenging the other to create value for our client, consumer and community.  We design projects that get built because they are aligned with current marketing and construction feasibility.

100,000+ of your neighbors live in communities we have helped create.

Damian Taitano

BArch, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Began his career as part of the in-house architecture department of Kaufman & Broad (KBHome) where he was exposed to complete project visioning, financing and strategies which make him an asset to any development team.  As a shareholder and principal with KTGY Group for 10 years focusing on in-fill urban density and mixed-use projects, Damian learned how to successfully collaborate with local jurisdictions and the nation’s largest builders to realize their visions with physical and financial realities.

Erick Van Wechel

BArch, U.S.C.  MBA, Claremont Graduate University

An Architect, with a private practice for 25 years focused on custom and in-fill residential opportunities, project management and entitlements.  Professional experience as vice president of an international real estate development company as well as project manager for large public home-builders.  Erick’s background across all aspects of the development process make him a valuable asset to the project team.